Dhaka, Bangladesh
Completed Project (3)

Website Optimization (SEO)

We have provided SEO service for two websites of BRAC such as &

Website Audit
    Website usability, Website credibility, Websites accessibility, user engagement, legal issues and provided suggestions how to fix them. Fixing negative SEO issues (Keyword stuffing, duplicate content, URL canonicalization, hidden text, hidden links, sneaky redirects, keyword cannibalization as well as recommendations regarding content development & what type of content along with content categories can attract additional traffic and links can help in improving conversions (goals). Then Provided Review of the site’s traffic that how visitors find BRAC website and where they come from.
Keyword Research Report
    We have Provided list of keywords that can bring highest volume of relevant traffic to the website along with their search volume. Also, provided longer tail keyword Suggestions, which may not bring volumes of traffic but can potentially, trigger a higher conversion rate.
On-page optimization
    We have modified the title tags, meta tags and other on –page factors of the website to make it more relevant to search engines (Google and Bing) for the targeted keywords. Improve keyword positioning /placement to attract additional traffic to the site.
Link Building
    We have submited links from array of websites to improve the search visibility of their website in the search engines. Then develope and promote content (article, guest blog posts) which help in getting additional traffic and links to their site. Provided advice on social media optimization and integrate social activities within their website.

BRAC Driving School Management Software

This Driving School Management software is developed for Brac Driving School which will have distinctive icon based user interface that is user friendly. The software have a wide range of features consisting of a module that can keep all the information of all the trainees enrolling in BRAC Driving School and keep a track of the payments that has been received or receivable from each individual trainee. The purpose of the software is to reduce paper work and keep all the track record of trainees in a robust system that can be accessed easily to search for information regarding trainees' database and earnings of BDS.

BRAC Artificial Insemination Program (AI) Automation Software

It is a web based project management for AI; it is at head office and also at their Bull Stations, the software kept information about their bull; Online Treatment from Dhaka using Online Video Conferencing, Bulls feeds management and store management, all these modules are integrated at the one system.

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