Graphic Design & Printing

Graphic Design :
  • Creative Logo Design
  • Corporate Profile
  • Brochure
  • Newsletter
  • Calendar
  • Prospectus
  • Digital Banner
  • Print Advertising & Marketing campaigns
Printing Products :
  • Calendar, Poster, Leaflet
  • Product catalog, Brochure, Booklet
  • Magazine, Newsletter
  • Event and Fair ticket
  • Visiting card, ID Card
  • Challan, Bill, Cash Memo, Voucher
  • Digital Banner, Bill Board, Sign Board, Festoon
  • Others Press & Digital Print.

Innovation and attraction is our main concern in graphics designing. Creative Logo, Stationary and business Cards, Advertising brochures and other materials, digital imaging for internet publication of all other graphic works designed for print are done by our expert graphic designer. Sure, we love to produce extraordinary design... but at the end of the day, a great creative concept without a clear message is just a pretty picture. First, our design team takes the time to understand your company, your project and your goals. Once we know the objective, we can produce a compelling interactive design driven by brand personality, and the desired end result for the user. In addition with all the fantastic graphics designing activities NOGOR Solutions is also providing different kind of high quality press and digital printing services to their value customers. As a result it becomes easier for the customers to get the complete product from one specialized service provider in a very economic rate.

Our creative graphics design and high quality printing service with a low service charge satisfies our clients by establishing an effective communication with their target market. Most importantly, our goal is to create an overall solution that not only works for your business, but represents a good investment.

Nogor Solutions Ltd.

In this era of globalization IT solutions provided by Nogor Solutions Ltd. like Web Development, Software Solutions and Networking are some basic needs for organizational development and businesses are getting dependent on these everywhere.

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